Looking for an illustrator with a designer background? 

Sara creates whimsical watercolor illustrations that combine the best of both hand drawn, painted and digital to help each client create exactly what they need. Contact her for custom illustrations, licensing and availability!

ABQ Florals



If I'm working on one project, I'm usually working on two others at the same time. It's just more fun that way! Sooo as I was preparing artwork for my jewelry collection (more on that soon), I found this little gem that I painted a while ago when I was living in Albuquerque. I wanted to experiment with this painting, and see how it would look as a repeat. I really like the textured painterly feel and the movement it has. I would like to do more paintings in this style for pattern collections. I think this would make a great scarf. What do you think?

Abstract Sketches

Dachshund Paper Collage Pattern