Looking for an illustrator with a designer background? 

Sara creates whimsical watercolor illustrations that combine the best of both hand drawn, painted and digital to help each client create exactly what they need. Contact her for custom illustrations, licensing and availability!

Mats Week 1: Paper

Wohoo! I just turned in my first assignment for the Make Art That Sells Class by Lilla Rogers I'm taking. I had a lot of fun painting in gouache this time! It's been Christmas for me all week working on drawings and sketches for this assignment. I really enjoyed the process of just experimenting. Since I already make cards for a living, this was more of a relaxed, let's-see-what-other-techniques-I-can-try kind of approach. I liked the way the paint layered the color. I think I might use more gouache in my work! What do you think?



Mats Week 2: Baby Apparel

Secret Squirrel Coffee Label Design