Looking for an illustrator with a designer background? 

Sara creates whimsical watercolor illustrations that combine the best of both hand drawn, painted and digital to help each client create exactly what they need. Contact her for custom illustrations, licensing and availability!

MATS Bootcamp: The Jelly Assignment

I have spent the week working on my vintage jellies and dessert designs for bolt fabric. It was an interesting process this week for me! I explored drawing and coloring the icons by hand with colored pencils and markers. I also went back to some of my usual techniques where I scan in the drawings separately and then add the textures in Photoshop. I think I still prefer the more digital method as it gives me the most control but I had a lot of fun coloring by hand. I think it's ok to mix them as well. The first designs were more directly related to desserts but I surprised my self with this last design where I brought in my doggie character. I had the most fun designing The Jelly Dogs!! As always, I learned a lot from Lilla and my classmates. It's nice to get feedback from the group! Lilla also gave us a color palette suggestion which had me using a lot more neutrals. I think adding neutrals is a great way to change things up. Overall I'm really happy with my progress this week!

Make Art That Sells Week 1 & 2

My work will be included in UPPERCASE Magazine!!!