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Sara creates whimsical watercolor illustrations that combine the best of both hand drawn, painted and digital to help each client create exactly what they need. Contact her for custom illustrations, licensing and availability!

Make Art That Sells: The Wrap Up

I can't believe I just finished another five intense weeks with Lilla Rogers’ epic class Make Art That Sells. At first I thought I was nuts to retake this course, but boy I'm so glad I did. Something clicked the second time around for me as I had more time to focus and digest the information. I really enjoyed each week thoroughly including bolt fabric, home decor, children's books, gift and my most favorite week of all: wall art. I feel like I have a much better understanding of my style and what I like to create. I am calling myself a hybrid artist, because I like to mix and match my techniques to dance between digital and handdrawn. There are advantages to each, and this time around, I found that experimenting more with Illustrator but also keeping with my handdrawn textures and elements was a fun and refreshing way for me to work. The gift market assignment was based on my collections. Well, what do I collect? Since I'm a California girl, I have a robust flip flop collection. I also dream of Hawaiian vacations and collect anything cat related. So there you have it! My collections were combined into this themed zipper pouch in a hyper lush style using all of my inspirations. And so the Beach Cats were born...

New Cards For Summer

MATS Week 2 & 3