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MATS Bootcamp: The Beverage Assignment

The last assignment for Make Art That Sells Bootcamp with Lilla Rogers was to draw our beverages and make a piece of wall art you would hang on your own wall. I loved the subject matter for this month. I have many favorite drinks, my main one being coffee, but also I love iced tea, smoothies, water, tea, wine etc. I really enjoy beverages of all kinds! Maybe that's the reason I couldn't stop making new artwork for this month LOL...

I wanted to explore creating art in different mediums without the computer until I could really settle on a technique I enjoyed. Well, I started with watercolor, but... it was pretty much MEH. But that's ok. I was listening to myself and decided what I didn't like. I went back to my sketchbook and picked some more drawings to try. I stumbled on using a combination of watercolors and oil pastels which I had always wanted to try but hadn't yet. Well, this was really a fun technique for me! I just couldn't get enough. So I made quite a few. I also explored some acrylic pieces for my smoothies. The goal was to keep them really simple and focus on the beauty in the colors, shapes and textures that reminded me of the fruits. Those were also a lot of fun, and I couldn't stop with just one of those either... So... I made a bunch! And then I added some pastels on top of the acrylic which was another aha moment since I had never tried it. I just loved the look of it! I was hooked.

I put my paintings away to scan but then.... I had another weekend to keep on going! So... instead of just relaxing (of course not) I had to make more new beverage pieces! So I tried some more with chalk pastels this time. I had so much fun with those too. I'll definitely be doing more of these! 

You can tell I'm kind of a grasshopper when it comes to making art. I leap around trying different things which keeps the wheels spinning to try more things. It then just spirals out of control into a big creative mess! But that's just how I like to make things.

This is the print I chose for the Bootcamp gallery, although I had a tough time deciding and maybe I should have submitted something else! Sigh...

I now have prints available in my Etsy shop!

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