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6 Art Supplies I Love


I am always looking for new art supplies to try out! Here are my 6 go to art supplies that I use when illustrating:

1. Flair pens by Paper Mate for sketching

2. Le Pen pigment ink markers when using watercolor

3. Canson Mixed Media Sketchpads

4. Pentel Aquash Water Brushes

5. Windsor Newton Watercolor Travel Set

6. Prismacolor Soft Colored Pencils

The flair pens are great because the line weight is really even. It draws smoothly. Perfect if you want to scan in your line work and edit it digitally.

Le Pen makes a great pigment ink pen which means you can paint over the lines and they won't smear. Perfect if you want to combine linework with watercolor.

The Canson mixed media sketchbooks are by far the best paper for any kind of work involving watercolor, colored pencils, acrylic inks, markers. This paper is amazing! It can handle anything and it does not warp too much. 

The Pentel aquash brushes are perfect if you are on the go and want to take your watercolor travel paint set with you. It holds water in the brush so it makes it really easy to paint from anywhere.

I love the Prismacolor colored pencils because they are really soft and smooth. I love combining them with watercolor. It has a great effect.

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