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Sara creates whimsical watercolor illustrations that combine the best of both hand drawn, painted and digital to help each client create exactly what they need. Contact her for custom illustrations, licensing and availability!

Instagram Round Up #1

This week I'm excited to announce that I've added new art prints to my shop! I'm now offering two sizes of art prints: 8x10 and 13x19. 8x10 prints will now ship with a larger border for easy framing. I can also ship internationally. I am super excited about this new peacock print in particular. This was something I painted while taking the MATS home decor class. I'm basically obsessed with peacocks right now!

I'm also working on a new large painting. It's an intuitive painting, which means I don't plan ahead for it. I just start a new canvas and paint. It's something that I like to do to just let go and relax. I like to listen to music while I paint so that will often guide me. Here's a sneak peek of some details:

I'm also working on some new small paintings. This snail is part of the animal series I'm working on. Here's a work in progress shot. Since taking this photo he has been given some stripes! :-)

I'm also working on a series of "power petals" which is a mixture of botanicals and inspirational messages. On Friday I added little collage bits to them which I think gives them a nice touch:

I also took a mini trip to Santa Barbara which was really fun! I did some watercolors of seaweed after dipping my toes in the sand.

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