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My GTS Entry & The Creative Process

This week I turned in my assignment for GTS: The Global Talent Search where hundreds of artists compete to be represented by Lilla Rogers. The character Antoinette that the assignment was based on is very young, energetic and chic. When reading through the assignment, I imagined that dragonflies would be flying over Brooklyn as Antoinette bicycled through the city. I think she would like to wear shoes with this pattern. I hope you like it!

To start the creative process, I started with a trip to Venice Beach for some breakfast, shopping and inspiration! I took tons of pictures and filled up my sketchbook with ideas.

There is a great video by Marie Forleo explaining the creative process and how to find your voice as a creative person. You start off excited with a big idea and then it gets a big dark and murky before you come on out the other side with something you like. This is what happened to me especially with this project. Initially, I was working in lots of colors, then narrowed it down to blues, greens and browns but at the end I had this last minute idea to tone it down even further to just blues. That's when I felt my assignment turned out of the dark, murky corner and into sunlight again!

Here is a coordinate pattern I made which has a nice dragonfly nighttime feel.

Nothing Is Impossible

Nothing Is Impossible

Pattern Bombing The Ocean