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Tour Of My Studio!

Here's a sneak peak inside of my studio where I create my paintings and watercolors! 

I share a space with other artists in a warehouse and it's been a ton of fun. I love having a dedicated art space. Even though I do work from home a lot, it's nice to have a place to go and get messy. 

This is my glass table where I mix all of my acrylic paints.

These are some of my favorite pens that I use on top of my watercolors.

My favorite watercolors are Dr Ph Martins Radiant concentrate liquid inks. They are super vibrant and fun to work with. They make me happy!

Here are some of my favorite watercolors brushes. I use a combination of synthetics and Princeton sable brushes. I also love using aqua brushes for precision and a great variety of thicks and thins.

This is my wall of watercolors.

Some of my favorite markers and Posca pens.

Water soluble crayons by Caran d'Ache are an essential part of my watercolors! 

Outside my studio we have a brick wall with a little garden.

Repurposing Old to New

I love the idea of upcycling, repurposing, and making something new out of something old, don't you? That's how I like to attack an old canvas sometimes, by adding new layers over old and reinventing it a bit. These abstract landscapes happened just because I had some leftover paint and some old art that I wanted to paint over.... If you have old artwork lying around, why not try painting over it? You never know what you might discover.

Well, the canvas in the bottom right was a new one I started a month ago, but the other three were definitely upcycles. You get the idea. The bottom right canvas inspired me to paint over the other three because I was liking the layered look. The house in the top right reminds of driving through LA, with lots of buildings flying by. It's fun to be a passenger. 

Designing for Home Decor with Lilla & Margo: The Wrap Up

I can't believe how quickly 5 weeks learning about home decor just flew by with the Make Art That Sells team!! Wow what an interesting experience this was for me. I'm quite comfortable designing greeting cards and editorial illustrations, so to think in terms of 3 dimensional products was a fun and exciting challenge!! I LOVE to learn new things (hence my addiction to e-courses haha!). This class was worth every penny. It pushed me to think and create in new ways that I otherwise would have not thought about. I have taken all the MATS classes and some even twice, but this one really takes the cake!!

It was so inspiring to be creating collections alongside so many other fantastic designers! Everyone's style was really different, and it was fascinating to see us all working on similar themes in different ways. I love the MATS community! The positivity and encouragement throughout is really amazing.

I learned so much about each different substrate: metal, fabric, glass, ceramics and wood. I feel like I have a better understanding now of how to approach each material, what the possibilities are, what the market needs and how to keep expanding on one theme for a longer period of time. Here are my final collections. They are available for art licensing. I hope you like them!!

Week 1: Metal

Week 1: Metal

Week 2: Fabric

Week 2: Fabric

Week 3: Glass Part 1

Week 3: Glass Part 1

Week 3: Glass Part 2

Week 3: Glass Part 2

Week 4: Ceramics

Week 4: Ceramics

Week 5: Wood

Week 5: Wood

Creating Collections For Home Decor Weeks 2 & 3

I've had a very exciting past two weeks taking a class called Creating Collections for Home Decor. I have really learned so much from Lilla Rogers and Margo Tantau of Make Art That Sells. I have always dreamed of designing for home decor so this course has been amazing for me. Week 2 was all about techniques for printing on fabric and Week 3 was all about glass. I especially enjoyed learning about glass. It really opened my eyes to the possibilities of patterns on different substrates. Here are some photos from my process for weeks 2&3:

I tend to work in watercolor and acrylic inks a lot, but after exploring a lot of patterns in these medium, I decided to try out my acrylics for some fresh, new birds. I was so happy with the results! I have never painted on cardboard or chipboard before but it was very fun to paint on. Here are some of my birds:

After a lot of scanning and color adjustments, I put together some ideas for my collections. I just love the idea of scale and texture involved with home decor. It's so exciting to think about products of all sizes and dimensions. Here is what I came up with for Week 2 working with fabric:

For Week 3 working in glass, I wanted to do a set of bird plates and really got carried away with lots of additional ideas! I was really happy with the way my watercolor mosaic turned out and could see it as a large piece of wall art with some metal type to ground it. I would also love to have a set of the gold patterned wine glasses!

MATS Home Decor Week 1: Birds & Metal

I am taking a home decor class with Lilla Rogers and Margo Tantau. So far in week 1 I learned how to design products for metal. I really enjoyed this week and learned a lot of techniques! It's fascinating to see how metal can be applied to so many types of things. I really love drawing birds so this was extra fun for me. Here are some of the products I designed this week with my birds:

Illustrations for Yoga Journal

I am so excited to share my illustration series for Yoga Journal magazine! The article covers three different road trips across the US: West Coast, Southwest Rockies and East Coast. You can find them in the June issue on newsstands now. In addition to the maps, each road trip features an illustrated yoga pose. I love practicing yoga myself and can only imagine what it would be like to do a flying yoga pose or posing on a surfboard!