Make Art That Sells Week 1 & 2

I decided to take the plunge this month and take Make Art That Sells: Part A & B with Lilla Rogers AGAIN! Yes, the course is THAT good! I couldn't resist. It's amazing how much I am learning the second time around too.

In Week 1 we designed a bolt fabric collection based on a tropical fruit theme. I wanted to explore making a collection with painted icons for this collection. I love designing for bolt fabric!

In Week 2, we designed a plate collection based on a succulent theme. Being a Californian, I automatically LOVE succulents! This was a very fun assignment for me. I decided to really let loose combining my painterly drawings with my flat shapes and these are the results. I'm imagining having a summer luncheon party on the patio with these plates!


MATS Bootcamp: The Jelly Assignment

I have spent the week working on my vintage jellies and dessert designs for bolt fabric. It was an interesting process this week for me! I explored drawing and coloring the icons by hand with colored pencils and markers. I also went back to some of my usual techniques where I scan in the drawings separately and then add the textures in Photoshop. I think I still prefer the more digital method as it gives me the most control but I had a lot of fun coloring by hand. I think it's ok to mix them as well. The first designs were more directly related to desserts but I surprised my self with this last design where I brought in my doggie character. I had the most fun designing The Jelly Dogs!! As always, I learned a lot from Lilla and my classmates. It's nice to get feedback from the group! Lilla also gave us a color palette suggestion which had me using a lot more neutrals. I think adding neutrals is a great way to change things up. Overall I'm really happy with my progress this week!