Back to school!

I have exciting news! Monday I return to Make Art That Sells Bootcamp with Lilla Rogers. I am SO excited to continue on this journey with Lilla other Matsies. I love having such a strong community of artists to share and explore with. Lilla's classes have taught me SO MUCH already. I am truly grateful for her courses and the art community that has formed. I will be putting my Pattern A Day project on hold, while I focus my efforts on this class, and a few other classes I am taking right now. I am also finishing up my course with Mati Rose called Daring Adventures in Paint. It has been absolutely fantastic! I have really enjoyed exploring the painting process more. I will be posting work here soon. My goal is to continue to grow as an artist and expand into new markets. I find that these classes teach me invaluable information on how to move forward in my career. I look forward to growing and making more new art in the coming months ahead!