What's Been Inspiring Me This Summer

Well I can't believe it, but it is supposedly fall, yet my A/C is working full time and I'm preparing for the next heat wave. I've spent some time this summer out and about and have been so very inspired by all the beautiful things I find around me. I love living in California, not because of the extreme heat, but because there are so many things to do and look at all the time! Although I didn't go on an official vacation, you can see my summer photo collections from my staycation. I'm in love with succulents, the beach, beach florals and pod like leaves of any kind, especially in odd colors. Here are my summer snapshots:


And I love those pastels because of their colors. I love the way they mix on paper. They're a great alternative to watercolor. You can even wet them and it will melt, like butter, no like pastels turning into watercolor.

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