Meditation Assignment for May

I've been busy working on a new assignment over at Make Art That Sells Bootcamp with Lilla Rogers. The first week we were given dolls to draw and were told to just focus on faces. I had so much fun with this part! Here are some of my sketches:

The next part of the assignment was to create an editorial piece for an article on meditation. I wrote down notes from the article, and picked the scene that I wanted to illustrate. The concept I picked is about battling the voices in your head as you meditate. I was immediately drawn to this idea, Using my funny faces, I scanned them in and started redrawing them in Illustrator. This was such a fun way for me to work. It really got me excited as I am exploring this new style! Here's the quick sketch I did for the idea of it:

Here are some of my watercolor sketches that I used for the hairstyles:

I also tried another version based on the word "transcend" but I ended up ditching this idea in favor of the "voices in her head" idea.

I've been experimenting drawing on paper vs. with the pencil tool in Illustrator. I find the pencil tool to be a great way to replicate a natural drawing that I would have done on paper. It's a great way for me to go back and forth between the two. I picked my color palette and started building up the drawing. I used my watercolor sketches as the base for a lot of the hairstyles in the drawing too which was fun. 

I decided to pull back on the color and narrow it down to blues, warm oranges and pinks only.

For the last stage, I brought it into Photoshop and settled on a yellow background, added my textures and hand lettering for a more finished look. Here's the final piece. Like Lilla says, as long as you are having fun, people will buy your joy!