Doodle Dream for Ambition with Jenipher Lyn

Today I am SUPER THRILLED to be a part of the blog party for my friend Jenipher Lyn's book: How Being Stubborn, Depressed, and Unpopular SAVED my life. 

Her book is super honest, sweeter than pie and addresses important issues like body image, being unpopular, being yourself, depression, ambition and gratitude. Oh, and did I mention her book is chock full of her adorable doodles?! At $18.95 this book is well worth the money and a must buy for any young women facing these challenges, especially during those tricky teenage years! You can buy her book on her Etsy shop, or on Amazon. To find out more about Jenipher Lyn, you can visit her super adorable website here.

So this week we are talking about AMBITION! Hooray! This is one of my favorite subjects so let's break it down. Ambition defined: An earnest desire for some type of achievement, according to Dictionary.com.

Here's how I see it: Ambition is like your personal compass, navigating you towards the things in life you desire. So listen to your heart! Always! Everyone has a dream inside of them waiting to burst out into the world. So grab a pen and paper people and start doodling out your dreams! I've even made you a handle Dream Chart to kick things off! (Click to download the printable version).

I've also made you a handy quote to use as a reminder that ambition is all about following your dreams!

Everyone has ambition in their own way! Get your copy of the book to turbo charge your inspiration and start your own doodle dream! Use hashtag #doodledream and tell us what your dream is!