The Global Talent Search 2014

This month I participated in The Global Talent Search where hundreds of talented artists competed to win representation by Lilla Rogers. The assignment had us drawing inspiration from terrariums. I explored colors, lines, shapes, textures, compositions etc. I have piles and piles of drawings and paint textures. Here you can see my process for creating:

I did not submit any of these pieces as the final. I just wanted to keep playing with color, compositions and drawings to see where it would take me. I really love the process of creating and often will get caught up in a rabbit hole of exploration. I just love the possibilities of what something could be. And to say "this is it" is so hard, especially for a Libra like me! Without feedback from the outside world, it really comes down to what I would pick for myself. The decisions was weighing on me all week. In order to decide, I had to really think about what my usual style is, and what kinds of techniques I normally like to use. The final piece I submitted was this:

The reason I chose this piece over the others was because:

a) I really love these colors!
b) It feels like me.
c) I love to draw with dipping pens. All of these drawings were spontaneously created out of joy after completing the above versions!
d) At some point it feels really good to just commit to a piece and say "Yes this IS it!"

So after happily clicking on the submit button, I came crashing down from the decision and turned my computer into the Apple store for a minor repair. What a relief to turn things in and take a breather!

HA! I'm an artist, I don't take breathers. :-) I promptly came home from dinner and took all of my waning post-GTS energy and POURED it into these peaceful watercolors... of... you guessed it! TERRARIUMS. Whatever the outcome will be from GTS, I am happy I participated and it really just confirmed the things I already know: I love to create, I love to draw, I love color and of course I love to paint.