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MATS Week 2 & 3

Wow!! I can't believe I've finished Week 4 of Make Art That Sells with Lilla Rogers. Week 3 was all about children's books and the assignment was to draw a scene with a fox coaxing a crow to drop his cheese. Week 4 was focused on wall art and the assignment was to create an abstract piece of wall art. We were asked to include a quote and a floral as well. I really wanted to experiment with shapes, textures and layering. Here's what I came up with:

To create this piece I first sat down and made a bunch of textures. It was bliss! I made so many I couldn't stop. I made a huge mess.

Then I scanned them all in and started working on my shapes, colors and composition.


Once I had the vector drawing I went into Photoshop and opened up my textures. From there it was fun, fun, fun combining them, layering etc. until I got to the finished piece. I also added the quote in Photoshop to have it fit in with the flower. I really enjoyed limited my colors and making the best use of both programs. I am super thrilled I took this class again. I am learning SO MUCH about how I like to work and my process the second time around. Lilla likes us to experiment so now I'll show you a few more experiments.

For the Fox and the Crow assignment, we were told to draw our foxes and crows etc.. then pick a medium for the final piece. I got lost in the joy of creating the handdrawn type and adding texture to the fox. And even had some fun given him glasses to see that crow better. Things started to click and I had a bit of an aha moment switching back and forth between vector and photoshop. Usually I would just work in Photoshop so I am excited to combine the two. This was not possible for me up until recently because my computer couldn't handle having Illustrator open. It would basically just crash all the time and it became so frustrating that I didn't bother opening it any more. Well apparently 8gb of ram was not enough, and someone recommended that I upgrade to 32gb. Ever since then, my computer has been a dream come true. Thank goodness. Because I have loads of ideas and work to do for MATS and clients!!! This month has been a breath of fresh air since installing the ram, and has really let me focus on making art that sells. YAY! I could not be more happy!

Mats Week 2: Baby Apparel

Last week we worked on baby apparel designs with a camping theme. I have to say, it was very fun and I learned a lot along the way. My process for this design started with pencil sketches, then brush drawings on tracing paper before I scanned it all in. I usually work in Photoshop but this time, I thought I should work in Illustrator and mix things up. I'm getting used to Image Trace now and was happy with line quality. I really, really enjoyed making whimsical characters such as the silly bug. It seems like this is right up my alley since I make a lot of greeting cards in this type of style. I'm excited about the possibilities in this new market!