Secret Squirrel Coffee Label Design

Last week I received my Kickstarter package from Secret Squirrel Cold Brew with my limited edition coffee cold brew and special growler bottle! This was a limited edition bottle that I designed for a limited edition coffee with 100% premium Hawaiian grown beans. The design was silkscreened onto the bottle.

I was extremely honored and excited to be asked to design a bottle label for this project! I tried my first glass of Secret Squirrel Cold Brew after our meeting. I have been drinking coffee for years and this tasted very special! As if it had transported me to a different world! So I began sketching and thinking about a label design that would work for Secret Squirrel's All-American Brew for Kickstarter.

I'm a bit of an insomniac, so often I get my best ideas late at night. It occurred to me late that night (while I couldn't sleep from all that delicious iced coffee!) that instead of drinking coffee in the morning, it would be fun to mix things up and have a night time critters coffee concert in the woods. And so, I got out my iPad and did some sketches... What better animal than a fox to be serenading all of his happy critter friends in the forest? And of course, his woodland creature entourage of bats, owls and mice had to be singing along with him. And so this limited edition coffee label design came to life! 


Here's a look at my sketching process from my ipad straight to the final color version: 


Since I knew that the bottle would be a nice dark brown color, I chose white and orange as the silkscreen colors to give it a nice pop. I really wanted to give this design a sense of movement and playfulness to express the organic, smooth taste of the coffee. 

The kickstarter project went very well! Secret Squirrel raised over $12,000 for this special brew. They also worked with three other artists: Nicholas Moore, Benjamin Blake and Chris Piascik. Here is the Kickstarter video: 

I hope you enjoyed viewing my process for this project!

Here I am with the bottle. It is a 32oz size bottle so I've made many iced coffees with it this summer in this brutal heat!



I look a little tired here because I had been photographing my greeting card collection for over 8 hours already. It was a long day and the heat in the valley has not let up one bit. I'm hoping for a break from this heat wave soon! In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy more iced coffee!