Illustrations for Yoga Journal

I am so excited to share my illustration series for Yoga Journal magazine! The article covers three different road trips across the US: West Coast, Southwest Rockies and East Coast. You can find them in the June issue on newsstands now. In addition to the maps, each road trip features an illustrated yoga pose. I love practicing yoga myself and can only imagine what it would be like to do a flying yoga pose or posing on a surfboard!

California Dreaming

I'm starting a new series of maps and to kick things off, I've started with my home state of California! This map is the perfect way to capture your trip to the wine country, the beach or to the poppy fields. Head on over to my art print shop to capture your California dream with my handdrawn map.

I loved growing up in southern California and I especially love my trips to the beach! This weekend we visited Newport Beach.